Friday Favorites : Volume I

Friday, Friday! Glorious Friday! This weekend, I’m planning on going to IF: Local at my church, and on Saturday afternoon, I’m going to Pizza and Bowling with some friends. I haven’t had pizza in far too long, and for some reason I am loving bowling right now. Here are some of my favorite things lately:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 3.15.19 PM


1. Thug Life T-shirts – If you haven’t seen these all across Pinterest, do yourself a favor and go to the website. The shirts all have funny sayings and are pretty funny!

2. Low Carb Smothered Jalapeno Popper Chicken – My husband and I were on the Whole 30 the entire month of January. We made this yummy chicken last weekend as a celebratory meal. Oh my, yum. Now, I’ll be honest… there’s a little too much cheese on this for me, but it may be worth it for a splurge deal every once in awhile.

3. Poetweet is a program that turns your twitter account into a poem by using your old tweets!

4. One of the funniest Instagram accounts I follow lately is @crazyjewishmom. If you are in need of some laughs, start here.

5. Studs are my go-to jewelry! I love these different colors from Kate Spade.

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